Saving Money on Baby: Diapers

My husband and I made the decision well before I even became pregnant with our son that we wanted to be a cloth diapering family. With our desire to be debt-free, we just couldn’t justify the cost of disposable diapers. There’s tons of information available online about the cost of cloth vs. disposable, so I won’t go into that on here. I just want to share what we have done, why we do it, and how we keep everything as simple and inexpensive as possible.

Quick side story:

Anytime I have a question, I google it. I mean this very seriously. If you look at my google search history you will find anything from “normal baby poops” to “can you get a stomach bug from your dog.” But when I googled “cloth diapering,” I realized what a mistake that was. Sort of along the lines of trying to diagnose an illness with WebMD. You get wayyyyy too much information and end up thinking you have cancer. Except I guess the cancer part didn’t really apply to the diapers.


Unless you would like to be completely overwhelmed with 50 billion blogs about every different moms’ cloth diapering system, which all tend to be confusing and far more complicated than I care to be, don’t google “cloth diapering.”

My recommendation is to first decide your priority with cloth diapering. For us, our priority was to have a decent quality of diapers that were inexpensive. That was all it took for us to be able to figure out the type of diapers we would use!

Because we wanted inexpensive, we decided to go with pre-folds. We bought a kit on Amazon which was a recommendation from a friend. This basic package included everything we needed to get started.

Note that the diaper covers are plain white and non-cute. Again with the priorities… My thought was these diapers will be catching our son’s waste and will also be covered by clothes at least 99% of the time. I don’t care about the diaper cuteness.

Aside from diapers– which were a present, which was awesome– I have spent about $80 on other diaper accessories, including a diaper pail and liner, and 6 extra covers. I have also spent about $20 to keep some disposables on hand for traveling, and days when I’m behind on laundry.


I could save a bit more if I made my own wipes, which I have looked into doing. I decided not to for one main reason–time. I personally don’t believe the small savings (a fraction of a cent per wipe) is worth the time invested to make them. But if you don’t mind the time vs. savings aspect, go for it!!

So baby wipes are the one and only purchase I ever make from Target*. Target carries a pack of 800 diapers for under $15. When paired with Cartwheel by Target deals, I usually save another dollar. These wipes last about 8-10 weeks for us.

I have not regretted the decision to cloth diaper at any point. In the 7 months since our son was born, we have already recovered the cost of the diapers!

*A follow-up post will be coming regarding my thoughts on shopping at Target. Suffice it to say, I’m not allowed to go there frequently. Financial Freedom + Target or Walmart + me don’t mix 🙂

If you have anything to add to my thoughts on saving with cloth diapers, comment below!!

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