Happy Mother’s Day

This may or may not be your typical Mother’s Day post… I guess that just depends on how you generally view this day.

I want to first say, I am so thankful for my mom. Over the years we’ve had our moments (both good and not so good), but to have a mom who forgives your dumb decisions and harsh words is truly such a gift. My mom is that mom.

I hope I can be that mom too. My prayer for my son Josiah, and our future children is that I, alongside my husband, can disciple them to know the Lord. That we will demonstrate Christ’s character in our life as parents and help lead our children to intimately know him and reflect his character as well.

I know, however, that doing that 100% of the time is impossible. I am not perfect, nor is my husband. We will mess up and forget that we are supposed to be the light in this world. We will do things that don’t reflect the character of God. We will say things that hurt people–maybe even our children.

But it’s important (for me) to remember that even though we can never be perfect parents, God is our perfect parent. He is the God of second chances. He loves us unconditionally. He forgives us when we make those dumb decisions. He allows us to pursue an intimate relationship with him where we can truly be made new in him.

Whether this day brings up feelings of joy, ambiguity, disappointment, or sadness, remember, we have all we need in the Lord. He is our perfect parent.

And even though your mom isn’t perfect, and you’re not perfect, she is the perfect parent for you, and you are the perfect son or daughter for her. Let God be the one who is perfect. And let moms be who they are… The most caring, giving, loving, imperfect people on this earth.

Happy Mother’s Day

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