How I Save BIG at the Grocery Store Without Extreme Couponing

In case you didn’t know this about me, I love grocery shopping.  I am well aware that this is not normal (at least I don’t think it is…), but it’s true!  I especially love HEB.  For those of you that don’t live in Texas and have never been to an HEB, I’m sorry.  When you come to visit Texas, call me, and I will take you.

About my grocery parameters (for lack of a better term):

  • I go to the store twice a month (1st and 15th-ish).
  • I budget $100 per trip.  That equals about $10 per week for my son and $20 per person per week for my husband and me.
  • I only buy brand name items if a high-value coupon is attached.  Other wise it is all store-brand.
  • I never shop without a pre-planned list.
  • I always plan my groceries around store sales and coupons.

I think it’s important to make note that I am not a huge coupon-er.  I will search for coupons here and there, but most of my coupons come from the store itself.  I am not one of those very “enthusiastic” ladies who spends 14 hours clipping coupons, goes to 3 different stores, and then pays 18 cents for $200 of groceries.  I personally don’t want to dedicate the time to doing that and then also end up with 2,000 jars of mustard.

So here’s a quick look into my shopping trip today.

Coupon Deals

Each of these items had a coupon that involved purchasing a single item and getting another free.

The photo above includes my super awesome deals.  I’ll just do a quick run-down (left to right) of what each of these items were:

  • Buy 1lb of bacon ($7.98), get 4-pack of sausage and cheese Kolaches ($2.97) free.
  • Buy Family Size Stouffers meal ($9.67), get Steamable veggies ($1.92), loaf of garlic bread ($1.06), Nestle Tollhouse break & bake cookies ($2.50), and 64 oz Juicy Juice free ($2.38).
  • Buy Sweet Home granola ($4.47), get 32 oz Greek Yogurt free ($3.98).
  • Buy Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese ($7.08… It’s HUGE), get 1 lb of meatballs free ($2.97).
  • Buy 2 tubs of deli meat ($2.98 each), get all-natural cheese  slices ($1.99) free.


This was all the produce I needed to buy this week.  Our produce lasts us quite a while because we are super healthy like that.  Sale items:

  • 6 oz container of blackberries for 98 cents
  • *1 lb of red pairs for 98 cents
  • 5 lemons for $1

Non-sale items:

  • 1 lb white onion for 88 cents
  • *2 lb bag of carrots for 98 cents
  • *1 lb of green beans for $1.68
  • *1 lb of butternut squash for $1.14
  • *1 lb of bananas for 48 cents

*produce marked with an asterisk are items used to make baby food purees.


The rest of the items were regularly priced store-brand staples.  We always keep these in our fridge/pantry because we eat it a lot.

  • boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • tortilla chips
  • flour tortillas
  • eggs
  • bread
  • ground sirloin
  • milk
  • cheese
  • pepperoni (we are pizza lovers)
  • granola bars
  • peanut butter
  • cereal
  • toaster pastries
  • coffee (I had a $1 off coupon)

Not pictured:  I couldn’t really fit our contact solution into a category of photos, and didn’t feel like it warranted a photo all on its own.  We buy a store brand 2-pack for $4.94 (brand name is $12 or more for 2; I really don’t know how HEB does that).

So that is my grocery trip for today.  Any guesses as to how much it cost…………….?

Before applying coupons, it was just over $120.  After?

…wait for it….


Feeling pretty good about that.

What are some ways you save on groceries?  I am always looking for more money saving ideas!!




4 thoughts on “How I Save BIG at the Grocery Store Without Extreme Couponing

  1. I probably need to add… The one brand-name item we do buy frequently is Dr. Pepper. I am married to a Texas man and no amount of Dr. Thunder, Dr. B, or any other generic will fill the Dr. Pepper shaped hole that would be left in my husband’s heart/belly.

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