Summer Saving: Make Your Own SPF Sunscreen with Coconut Oil

I found this post a while ago, and thought it would be perfect to share for my Summer Saving series.  Health Starts in the Kitchen shares this recipe for homemade all-natural sunscreen with SPF 20 protection.  See her recipe here.

I calculated the cost for this recipe so you can see the savings.

Coconut Oil, 16 oz.                       $8.99

Shea Butter Lotion, 13 oz.         $8.79

Zinc Oxide Powder, 16 oz.         $11.87

When I did the math to figure out the cost per batch, I discovered you will pay $10.17 for an all-natural, chemical free sunscreen!!

The all-natural brand name suncreen that Health in the Kitchen compares this to is Dr. Mercola.  I found an 8 oz. SPF 30 directly from the Mercola website for $18.97.

This homemade recipe yields 16 oz. and is $8 cheaper!   I will definitely be trying this!

*Edit:  Mercola’s sunscreen costs $2.37/oz.  This recipe is $0.64/oz

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